What is Civet Coffee?

Civet coffee is coffee which is eaten by the civet, and after going through the process of fermentation inside the digestion of the civet is being taken by the humans, and then is being processed again in such a way so that it becomes a very special coffee and good to be consumed. Because it is very difficult for obtaining this coffee and the high demand in the world, so that the price of this coffee is soaring and becomes the most expensive coffee in the world.

What is the difference between civet wild coffee and civet cage coffee?
We need to know that coffee is not a staple food for civet; they used to consume a variety of fruits and small animals which are their staple food. So by letting the civet to be free in nature, so that animal can obtain the freedom for choosing the coffee fruit that has the best quality. The results of this thing will certainly different if the civet is captured and is only fed the coffee fruit, so that they cannot choose the best coffee fruit for being consumed because they do not have other food options. Long ago, around our farm has widely grown fruits which are planted by the local community for their daily consumption; such as apple, guava, papaya, banana, tomato and so on. Then, those fruits are becoming the target of the civet’s troops to add their meal’s menu, so that our civet coffee will result a naturally fruit flavor because our coffee is mixed with various kinds of fruits which are eaten by those civets naturally.
Why civet coffee is safe for being consumed?

Hachiko civet coffee has undergone seven times of washing process and all layers of the coffee’s skin that cover the coffee bean are peeled cleanly by us using a machine before undergoing a roasting process. And inside the roaster machine, our coffee is being brewed with temperatures above 200ºC. So we are sure that our coffee has been safe for being consumed.
We have a vision for always innovating and maintaining the quality of our products, and we have a mission that someday we will become the market leader for premium coffee products in Asia. Therefore, we are committed to expand our marketing in the domestic market and also international market.

What are the advantages of civet coffee?

Civet coffee comes from the best coffee bean.

The civet identifies the ripeness of the coffee fruit not by the color of the coffee fruit, but from the aroma of the coffee. So the instinct and the smelling of the civet that is very strong, lead the civet to be able to choose and eat the best coffee. It can be ensured the 90 percent of the coffee bean which is produced by the civet is really ripe in aroma.

Civet coffee is increasing the energy of the man.

Inside the digestion of the civet, the nature fermentation process inside the stomach of the civet is giving the change of the chemical composition on the coffee bean and is able to increase the flavor quality of the coffee, because beside in the optimum fermentation temperature is also being helped by the enzyme and bacterium which is inside the digestion of the civet. Because of that, the flavor of the civet coffee is different with the usual coffee. Civet coffee has a specific aroma than the others, the taste is delicious, and is trusted to be able to increase the energy of the man.

Civet coffee contains less of caffeine.

The less of caffeine of this civet coffee is caused by the unique fermentation process inside the digestion of the civet that is able to decrease the caffeine level of the coffee so that can create the pleasure of civet coffee and the aroma which is very fragrant or in another word that coffee is becoming softer.
The lower acidity level . “The natural fermentation process inside the civet’s stomach is giving a change of chemical composition on the coffee bean,” said by Phaidon, who is the author of ‘Fat Loss Not Weight Loss’. The natural fermentation in the digestion of the civet can increase the quality of the coffee, because beside in the optimum fermentation temperature is also being helped by the enzyme and bacterium which is inside the digestion of the civet. This fermentation causes proteins and the acidity level of the coffee is becoming lower, so that it is safe for patients with ulcer disease for consuming this coffee as long as they are not in the portion of the excess.

Civet coffee is free from pesticides.

Many farmers who are using pesticides for preventing the damage or decomposition in plants, but pesticides itself often referred to as a poison that can causes various health problems such as cancer, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in child, nerve system disorder and weaken the immune system and so forth. Because of the civet has the best smelling, so that they only choose coffee which is really free from pesticides for being consumed.