Hachiko Coffee Product

We produce 14 types of product which all of them using the best Indonesia specialty coffee from java, Sumatra, and Sulawesi island.

Indonesia Specialty Coffee series (250g or 2kg)

Indonesia have many different specialty coffee that came from different island, here proudly we present the 4 best Indonesia specialty coffee.

Java Robusta

Java robusta coffee come from Ijen mountain at Bondowoso –East Java Indonesia. This coffee is very famous in Indonesia , especially at East Java island. This coffee roated with medium dark roast. And will give you the stronger caffeine than Arabica coffee. The acidity level is low and is more bitter than Arabica coffee. Is the Best coffee to kick your spirit in the morning !

Arabica Toraja

Toraja arabica coffee maybe is the most famous Indonesia specialty coffee in the world. Toraja is the name of a village at south Sulawesi island. The educated farmer and their habbit to make their own organic fertilizer made the coffee from this area have a higher quality than other area in Indonesia. best in aroma and balance acidity. Roasted in medium dark roast. This coffee will make your relax day !

Java Arabica

Java Arabica coffee, also well known as “JAVA” coffee at Europe. This coffee come from the Ijen mountain at East java Indonesia. one of the oldest coffee plantation in Indonesia, since colonialism time. Now the farmer in this area became well educated and can produce the good quality of coffee. Have the balanced taste and aroma. Roasted in medium dark roast level. Enjoy and start your day with coffee !

Sumatran Kerinci

Sumatran Liberica Kerinci. Is very difficult to find a liberica coffee plantation in Indonesia. this plantation located at kerinci mountain at Sumatra island. This coffee have a very unique after taste. The coffee’s shape is looks similar like robusta coffee but the coffee’s taste feels like Arabica. Roasted in medium roast level. Will give you the whole new experience to enjoy this ‘unique’ cup of coffee !